Sunday, September 9, 2007

Accessible shelving

When I joined the studio as a studio artist, transitioning from student, Clayworks built shelving that would work for me. Normal shelving is 10feet, and I have two 5 foot shelves as pictured here- five foot shelf next to the 10 footer. It is so great to have the shelving, again I am grateful for a studio committed to accessibility--Adrienne Dellinger is the director and made sure from day one that the studio was accessible to a wheelchair, even before my arrival.
You may not be able to tell, but the bottom shelf is not as close to the floor as the others. This way my feet fit underneath there a bit, and allow me to get closer to the shelf straight on, instead of always having to sit sideways and transfer materials and such. Makes a huge difference in stability, comfort and ease!!

Today at the studio, I am working to be ready to fire a bisque kiln on Thursday. So I worked on 10 of my letter pots-
I pinch these pots, then paint crocus martis oxide on them and then with a needle tool, inscribe them. These are quite dear to me, as they are letters to my brother, who died two years ago. It is a way to remain connected and include him in my daily life here. But what I find I am also exploring is memory, and communication. After these are bisque fired, I will apply clear glaze over them in parts...and under the glaze, the words are sort of blended away, erased underneath the clear glaze, - that is like memory to me. All the details do not necessarily remain over time, and the same with communication. Bits and pieces are forgotten, or not heard by another. Here is an example - bad lighting, sorry, but you can see how the glazed areas turn brownish and smudge out the writing.

The professional photos I just had taken, will show this much better....those are to arrive soon!

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