Thursday, September 27, 2007

Focusing on a detail

Greg Scott has taught me about this crucial piece when creating. And hearing it is one thing, experiencing it is another.

The other day while glazing the Dia de los muertos skulls I was not enjoying Painting Inside the Lines, and so decided to try some different approaches. So in getting ready for the glaze kiln, which is cooking right now!, I applied oxides in the layers and loose strokes that I enjoy. After doing about 5 of the skulls like that, I suddenly felt like I should stop. I felt nervous, perhaps I am taking it too far, what happens if they look bad, or I don't like them. Essentially I had gone as far as I could painting outside the lines.

So I painted the others mostly inside the lines, but I will say for myself, I was a bit more free with the paint. I found it funny to observe how far I allowed myself to venture outside the "comfort zone."

When I returned to the swirly skulls, I remembered something Greg had shared the other day when I talked about not enjoying painting inside the lines. He had suggested after finishing the surface, choose one detail and pull it out.

So I did that, and it completely transformed the loose swirly skulls....the swirls and layers suddenly had meaning and place and order against the one element I had pulled out from the butterfly wing. And then I wished I had more to do than just 5!!!

What a great experience..I got it! I just love them, and am so excited to see them tomorrow when they emerge from their cocoon/kiln!!!


Ron said...

Hey Elaine, I was noticing all your work on your shelves when I was in on Tues. I hope your firing goes well. I look forward to seeing everything finished.

Elaine Spallone said...

Thanks Ron...we will see soon.