Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kiln load turned out great!!

I unloaded this morning around 11am or so. Liesel was "on call" in case there was not someone at the studio who could help me unload it.

So I arrived, placed my hand on the side of the kiln and it was cool. Yeah. And I peeked in to the top layer, and I was excited to see the wall hanging- A ranch for you - BUT I could not open the lid all the way because it was not spring loaded, the way the newer kilns are...but, one of the kids' parents -who was waiting for class to end - came on by and lifted it for me. (Help is there when I need it!!!)

So we started talking- he was asking me questions about the piece...which was fun. Again how perfect when unloading my first kiln as a studio artist, to have someone really curious and just as excited about the pieces!!!

And then I cleared off a cart to use, and by the time I was finished, Becky and Susan came around the corner to see the unloading and to help. It was soo perfect!!! They really "get it" and are just as excited, interested and new to this as me!!!

So we spent a lot time looking at the pieces as they came from class coming by wanting to help- but that was too many hands in the pot- ha, so to speak, and told the kids they should get back to class.

The parent that was there from the beginning, hung around through it all- and said at the end, It is just like a birthday- all these things to open!! And surprises. And it was! Perfect. Such a sense of community and working together, interested and supportive. Really perfect.

Photos coming later....I am cooking a steak for dinner....

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Becky said...

Oh, gal! I hope you have a bottle of champagne to go with that steak! You have so much to celebrate!
The pieces are just beautiful...and the "Butterfly Muertos" are very, very special. Those -- in particular -- speak volumes to me. Many parallels, endings that are really beginnings. Beautiful and inspiring work!