Sunday, September 9, 2007

Making glaze and terra sig

After waiting a half an hour at the pottery shop -Carolina Clay Connection - in my car, as the store is inaccessible to a wheelchair, and after calling in my order in advance half an hour prior to my wait, I had my ingredients to make a clear glaze and the terra sig. It was my first time making the glaze. I was making a batch of terra sig that used 14 cups water and 1500 grams of materials and Julie at the studio helped me transfer the mixture to the next bucket with the screen in it. ARggh needing so much help with all this clay stuff. It is so physical- which I love and hate.

During college -too many years ago!-- I made my college money in the summers working with College Pro painters,...moving and positioning ladders, climbing up and down, mixing 5 gallon buckets of paint. I helped my father and brother mix cement to set posts for our deck, I like working physically. So this is frustrating that I can't.

But I am going to be positive! even if mildly frustrating, clay is worth it!!! ..and there is always pit/smoke firing yet to explore...for possible maximum independence. Nonetheless, everyone at the studio is soo eager to help and find solutions. Great community!!

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