Saturday, September 22, 2007

Move forward!

Working on a recently fired wall hanging, A ranch for you, I think will be the title, I was reminded to move forward even if I do not have all the answers.

I was thinking about how to glaze this piece:

And I had some ideas and gathered my thoughts, but I didn't have all the glazing ideas complete. I must have sat in front of my shelf thinking of the different options I could take for a long time. I could have given up on even glazing it then, but something inside said, almost exasperated: just start it.

So I did and as I moved forward, answers were provided. I knew they were right, just a gut thing. An excitement, yea that is it.

And then I was excited because again, I learned a life lesson by working with clay.

I can have some answers, know where I am going (glaze the piece) but I do not need to fill every color, as I am doing it, I will know what to do....

And here is the piece now, I will pour clear glaze over are waxed (green areas) and will not take the glaze, other parts will interact with the clear glaze-"washing" away or changing its present color and/or design....the colors now are not representative of the final colors. I am very excited to see this after it fires....

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Anna said...

This is very cool -I would buy it for a million dollars! Such talent!