Sunday, September 2, 2007

Photo session

Diane and her friend, and assistant for the session, Pam, were great! They were fun to be with and took time to ensure the best shots and provided insight and input. Here are some behind the scenes photos:
And many thanks to Shane Martin for the use of her studio and equipment for this session! And loved your dog that knows commands in Turkish!! (to see this huge dog, go to the website, he welcomes you in several poses, really fun!)
I have no regrets for the session. My work shined in its role on the paper fade-to-dark stage. I am excited to finally have professionally documented my work. And it really helped to go through the process. Huge learning experience...and I am sure it continues...

Work certainly looks different under those bright lights!! New things popped up that I never saw before. Some resisted being on that stage. I am not sure of the intricacies of this process yet, but to help reduce some of the shine of the glaze on some of the pieces , Diane would spray on a chemical that would lessen the shine. It worked great with some and others resisted it; insisting on being who it was without muffling. And others once placed on the "stage" ...(I like thinking of it as the pieces' time to perform), ...sang like never I heard before!!

Wow, one piece just came alive. And it was a special piece, as it really was the first one I ever created that started my exploration down this path of pinched pottery. I made it at Penland in 2005 while taking Alice Ballard's class And it was so nice to come full circle and see that piece shine under the lights. It was if the piece knew it too and finally received the recognition it deserved. I have known I wanted to explore terra sig again. (see Alice's explanation of terra sig: Or for a more detailed history: Vince Pitelka has a great description, history and recipe -although a bit more involved than I need:

I will post the awesome photo once I have it back from the photographer. This sweet pinched pot loves the photography studio! I love the texture of terra sig. So calming.
I am now looking forward to receiving the photos from Diane and having those images in my possession. For this site, for sharing with friends, developing marketing materials, applying to juried shows, and having my work documented and who knows what else.... Feels like a good strong step forward.
Thank you Amy for encouraging me to do it. Thank you Crista for asking your friend and making the call to bring it all together.

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Amy Sanders said...

Yea Elaine! Good to hear that the photo session was a positive experience. I'm so proud of you!