Monday, September 17, 2007

Professional photos arrived!

I have the disk and am so excited to see the work! I added a few to flickr: you can go there to view them. I will be adding to this site too.

My camera battery died, so I have no photos of the latest kiln. But there are some juicy pinch pots. The terra sig looks awesome. Lickable!! (I am not the first to describe them this way. Amy Sanders talked about how her terra sig looked that way, and I have to agree!)

Memories- part of what I explore through pottery. I saw a friend today completely relaxed and slouching, feet up in a big living room chair. Just a passing glimpse. For some reason my heart panged. I just don't do that. Getting out of the chair and into that position is really not possible, I would fall to the ground the way they were positioned. And it had an air of just flopping down and landing that way. I would have to transfer, position my legs, scoot to the right angle...and by that time I have expended so much energy, well immediacy is gone. And then I want to stay there a long time...make it worth the effort.

I just felt that pang of missing such easy going chair flopping.


Becky said...

The professional photos are beautiful! (The subjects have a lot to do with that, however!) Lovely pieces, and your terra sig "babies" have me itching to concoct a batch of my own.

Elaine Spallone said...


Thank you, I am so happy with the photos.

I have a great terra sig recipe and can help if you decide to explore terra sig.