Monday, September 3, 2007

Studio day

As I work full time, I spend nights and weekends working at the studio: Clayworks Studio and Gallery. With today being Labor day, I was able to spend the whole day working with clay. Liesl, a fellow potter, was there and shared some of her new low fire clay. I am eager to explore it again (see post from yesterday, Sept 2)

Today, Liesl and I signed up for a bisque kiln on Sept 13, another step forward for me. As up until 2 months ago, I worked as a student as the studio. That meant, I never had to worry about loading the kiln. I just placed my work on the shelf and waited until it was done.

So this is a new rhythm to get used to. And signing up for the kiln, helps organize and structure the creation and moving of work. There is a I know what I need to do and when. So I would like to have the terra sig made this week so I can experiment with it on the low fire clay.

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