Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Terra sig is applied

I made it, siphoned it, and applied it to my pots. I had a great time with the process. Applied oxides on the pots- crocus martis, cobalt carbonate, cobalt oxide, nickel and light rutile.....white terra sig and then some pink terra sig. I am so excited.

Again, find myself thinking about time, memory. The layers I applied had a hilly rolling look to layers of earth or layers of hills....memories are like that to me. And time how it rounds things out, soften and blurs edges, memories...experiences.

Tomorrow they will be loaded into the kiln and Sat I will see to follow soon!!

OH and toward the end of tonight, on my last sweet little pot, I polished it too much and it broke, and it was my favorite. And then right after, spilled the pink mixture of terra sig. I knew then to call it a night. Of course, one of the potters at the studio, John, helped my clean up by getting the mop and bucket...always help is there when I need it!!! No matter how many times it happens, why am I always surprised by it? Still learning to trust, perhaps.

I am reading a GREAT book: one foot in eden, by Ron Rash- and he is exploring time and memories- and poetically so- this takes place in the 1950s in southern appalachia-- and he looks over the rolling mountains filled with his family and history and memories...Carolina Power is going to be flooding that valley -although that is not the main subject of the book, and he writes:

I hoped I would be in that grave before they built the reservoir so when the water rose it would rise over me and Daddy and Momma and over Old Ian Alexander and his wife Mary and over the lost body of the princess named Jocassee and the Cherokee mounds and the trails De Soto and Bartram and Michaux had followed and the meadows and streams and forests they had described and all would forever vanish and our faces and names and deeds and misdeeds would be forgotten as if we and Jocassee had never been.


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