Monday, September 10, 2007

Terra Sig is made!!

After coming home from work at 6:30, I raced around so I could go to the studio. It took me an hour- changing clothes was a good 15 minutes...not the easiest thing to do when seated 100% of the time...I figure I should add another at least 2 hours to my day for all the stuff that takes longer: getting in and out of the car, bathroom breaks, changing clothes...etc.

So by 7:30 I was back in my car and on the way to the studio. I had to go in tonight since the terra sig rested for over 48 hours...

I was not sure how it would work out, no water was left on top and I did not use a clear container so I could see the layers!! AND the bucket was on the many beginner mistakes. It is important to not mix up the sig after it has settled and to siphon off the good layer - well it has to be higher than where it is of course...floor bad idea.

AND again - my great studio was there, Greg Scott helped me after teaching his class. He was able to move it for me up to a table slowly and without disturbing it too much. I just felt lucky that I was not at the studio alone- I would have felt frustrated looking at the terra sig and wondering how I was going to get it out, feeling silly for putting it on the floor in a NOT clear container...I could have scooped it, but this being my first time, I did not want to risk it. So it worked out - I had the help I needed.... but next time a little better planning. So I can do it by myself if I want to.....
But there is also the lesson of trusting that what I need will be there when I need it.
Funny related story...the other day my car was basically on empty. So I HAD to stop at the station, and normally, I will find someone to ride with me so they can pump my gas.... ...because I really do not like getting out of the car and right back in...take so much time and effort.
So I get out pump it, and as I am getting back in to the car, I am all frustrated, I happen to be on a slight hill so the chair and all are not as stable....and so my frustration builds and I find myself thinking: Oh sure, I am offered help all the time when I don't need it, where is everyone when I could use it. No one ever offers at the gas station...on and on I go!!! And then just as I am in, a man leans over and asks if I need helping pumping gas!!! NO KIDDING.
So I am so excited about the terra sig- I have it on a few pieces for testing....and they came out great!!! I have been waiting for two years- since taking the class at Penland with Alice Ballard to explore terra sig. Here is a piece I made two years ago-


T.Gray said...

Elaine, I came to your blog via comments you left on Ron Philbeck's journal. Ron and I go way back. My 15 year old son has cerebral palsy and is wheel chair bound, so I am constantly looking at whatever environment we find ourselves in with a critical eye. I am glad to hear of a studio that is taking your special needs into consideration. Rare indeed. I wish you much success in clay!

Elaine Spallone said...

Thank you Tom, I appreciate your comment.

Kaylee said...

I love this piece...So beautiful Elaine!

Elaine Spallone said...

Hey Kaylee, what a great surprise. Yea that one is a keeper and favorite. Filled with person from a long long time ago. Very special to me.