Saturday, October 6, 2007

And the pie lives on

The pie was enjoyed by us all!!! It was DElicious. Here are some photos of us enjoying it.

Birthday candles and all....the big 6 0 for Dad. Look how flat that pie is now....after all that height. But it is a heavy pie. and Dad still has strong lungs to blow all those candles!

The demolished pie.... and Happy Birthday Dad!

Here's Dad and Joan, smiling after eating some great pie!

One of the things that has been hard to work with living on my own and just living my top loader washing machine....getting laundry out of that is not easy from a sitting down position. Heavy wet packed in clothes are hard to pull out. And sometimes I could not reach that sock way in the back ( and too lazy to go get something to reach them) so I would just leave it and wash it with the next load....Just one of the 1000 things during the day that takes a little more effort and time when doing it from a wheelchair.....well it just got easier!!! Joan and Dad have just bought a new washing machine for me- a front loader WITH a pedestal...Ok, so now the clothes will be easy to pull out of the machine and right at my lap height!!! I am so excited. Laundry just got a whole lot easier to do!

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Anna said...

Elaine that was quite the pie! I don't think I have ever seen a picture of your Dad and Joan -very good looking couple! I have never seen an apple pie so big in my life. Glad I wasn't there to have to transport it anywhere -remember that time I dropped your pie when I was at Opera Carolina? It wasn't that big!!!