Saturday, October 20, 2007

Learning patience again

and again and again. Because the glazing Thursday night took longer than I thought it would, and so I missed my load time Thursday night. And because I have to have help, it had to be loaded in the morning. Julie loaded it for me, which was really nice, and I even did not have to come by.

But during these moments I can't help but think, if I could load a kiln by myself, it wouldn't matter when I finished, I would not be tied to the schedules of others. It is probably only another day's wait...Monday instead of really it is not a big deal. I just find these thoughts arising whenever I cannot do it by myself. Such a loss of flexibility and choice, is how it feels. I certainly develop patience. AND learn that things happen in the right time. At least that is what I focus on, otherwise I would continue the feelings of frustration, loss of choice. And I don't want to feel that way....sooooo and I learn that others will and want to help...even though I want to be able to do it by myself!!

And Here is a photo of the kiln and you can see the fire inside. It's HOT in there....during the winter these kilns are really nice to stand next too, summer...well you can only imagine how hot it is in the non-airconditioned studio!!
And here are the pieces of my next Cat Box. I have to wait for them to set up so I can put them back together into a box.

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