Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall colors

I have not seen a fall like this since I left New York State. It was the one thing I really missed, (I did not miss the 9 months of cold or cloudy and rainy or foul weather, or the 120 or more inches of snow...) I could remember looking at trees and thinking, "I could meet my end driving and looking", I became so captivated. Well this fall is like that. Captivating. I keep ooohhh and ahhhhhing in my car as I drive around the city. Mostly the maples are the most stunning. Although this picture hardly captures the variety and drama of the color, it is what I see on my street. That crimson....yowza...

My house and tree are not as stunning as those red trees, but the maple in front is turning soon enough I will have blazing glory!!

Then tonight, Liesel celebrated her birthday by inviting some friends to share dinner with her at the Cheesecake factory. After being told there is a 2.5 hour wait!!!!! We decided Villa Antonia was a much better idea..and had a great evening celebrating her birthday.

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