Monday, November 19, 2007

Making glaze

I like making glaze because it is the same process as baking...exact measurments, following a recipe, mixing it all together, scraping the sides to get all the stuff. No baking it right away, but it will bake!, although at quite a bit higher temp. Cone 5 -which is the temperature I fire at -is 2232F...a little bit warmer than the oven in the kitchen!

Photos of the process: In these photos are the tools of the trade, measuring, blending through a sieve, and me being safe with a mask!!! The ingredients are not good to breath in....using silica, metals like manganese, iron oxide, cobalt oxide.....and by the way, some of the metals are heavier than they look, which surprises me when I pick them up.

And yes, I am smiling under that mask!
Now I am ready to go next week to glaze.....

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Becky said...

Loved this post! I've yet to learn how to make my own glazes but know that's something I want to do. Your comparison to baking made meel feel a little less timid about the process. :) Nice pix too.
If I don't see you before Thursday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!