Monday, November 12, 2007

Mugs mugs mugs

Yesterday I pinched 12 mugs...I really like pinching, it is just my hands and the clay. The mugs are not perfectly round or symetrical, but to me, that is part of their beauty. And I like that part of me is left to see on the cup. The indentations of my thumb or finger. It is like a memory of how the piece came to be. Which is why I do not smooth those indentations away.I will take these to the studio today and cover them with crocus martis, which is a beautiful deep maroon color once completely fired. Then I will etch into that surface. I write letters to my brother on them. I love doing this because it keeps him physically present in my life. And he has to listen to everything I say,...just like a big sister! I will post photos of the mugs after I write on them.

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