Saturday, November 10, 2007

Zada Jane

This new restaurant opened in Plaza Midwood, my favorite neighborhood. I had breakfast there this morning with two friends, Deb and Jan and here are some photos...I love that name, Zada Jane...

Jan was working on the beginning of a new baby blanket. And here are Deb's cute dogs, Sam and Dave. and they are funny trotting around scouting out the yard saying hello to passerbys and marking their territory.

And then it was off to the studio where I again forgot to snap a few photos of these new wall hanging Dia de los Muertos skulls I am making that I love. Tomorrow.... But here is Susan buying one of the pieces from the last kiln....bye bye to another piece.... tomorrow I have do all the pre bisque kiln prep...applying oxides and writing onto the surface. Kiln is Wed night

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