Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday blues

After reading Ron Philbeck's post the other day about Keri Smith and her book, Wreck this Journal, I was so inspired, I ordered it online. Today I received it!! (Among two other of her works: Lving out Loud and Guerilla Art Kit).

I had a good day. Work is going well, I really like Chamber Music at St Peters and being their Executive Director. I feel inspired and passionate about the mission.
And after work I met someone at the studio and they purchased a piece of my work. One of the Letter pots...my favorite one actually. (Am I sad that it is gone? I am just thinking about this right now???) hmmm.

And I have this list of things I will do every night this week in a feeble attempt to participate in the holidays since I have not done much aside from purchase a poinsetta, wreath and 12" xmas tree oh and a christmas cactus. Which was great, because my grandma, (My mom's mom) used to grow them. And I could hear her say: "I just place it outside in the summer under a tree and forget about it, so it gets the right light (or maybe she threw it in a closet?) so that it will bloom come December." (All these traditions for those who have left--it is nice though.

So on list for Monday (yesterday): Make Pizelles and order Grandma and Grandpa's Gift. Jimmy and I used to order together every year for their gift, meat from Omaha steaks. So I like keeping the tradition going. Yesterday was my brother's birthday and it is my new tradition to make pizelles on his birthday....that was really nice in fact. Today I would pick up pottery from the studio to bring home for gifts (now you have an idea of what you are getting many of you reading!!) and I would pack them up ready to mail tomorrow.

But I arrived home and was just in a foul mood. My legs and feet were ice when I touched them, I wanted out of my work clothes I felt disconnected from pottery and creative outlets--all this holiday list stuff I had for every night and I entered into a full blown pity party listing all the ills of my current life. How did I get here? So I shifted from any present wrapping and opened my new book: Wreck this Journal.

I completed several pages...wondering if it was ok to do more than one at once? ha Just laughing because there are no rules...so I decided I could continue doing what I wanted until I felt better.

So I did a couple, skipped a few..(one involved coffee and that would not happen until the morning. And one involved hands--get them dirty make prints...which I am excited to do because my hands are always on the wheels of my wheelchair and therefore get really dirty--although luckily not in my house...!!)

so then I did the Color the Entire Page exercise, and that is when I felt better. And here is my color that is somewhere inside me, around me?? even if I didn't feel it earlier!


Becky said...

Wow! I almost purchased the "Wreck This Journal" too coz' of Ron's blog. But I figured I could wreck any journal I had, :) Gotta say his posts have made me want to take journaling up again. It's become an artistic endeavor. (When you have time , check out somerset studios online.)

I sure empathize with the holiday blues. I've always been a HUGE Christmas elf. But this year, for some reason, it's not the same.

That's okay though. What I love about the human spirit is that we keep on keepin' on. Even when we aren't exactly certain why.

Gonna wreck some clay on Thursday night. Hope I might see ya there.

Ron said...

Elaine, I am having a blast in my journal. We will have to share our experiences with one another at some point. I'd be interested to hear how Keri's other books are too.

I wish I felt better about the holidays. I'm trying but it just isn't happening. I may do a journal entry on all the things I'm thankful for and see how that works. You know the page that says "write one word over and over" I think my "one word" is going to be two...Thank You. I'll see how that goes.

I like that Becky says she is going to 'wreck some clay' Way to go Becky.

Jen Mecca said...

Just like you and the "Woolworth"memory, I too grew up on...PIZELLES! My grandmother would make tons of them on Christmas. She does not cook anymore and this year I made her a bunch of christmas cookies ( my mother said she eats cookies for breakfast these days and since she is 97 I figure she can eat whatever she wants too!)
I hope you had a good christmas. Last year I got the christmas "blahs"...this year I made myself a little mental list of how to enjoy myself this go around. Make a big journal pot with all your christmas thoughts on it and keep it until next year!!
Peace, Jen