Saturday, December 29, 2007


Sorry to have been MIA for a few weeks.

So the holidays are over (except for New Year's and this is one holiday that I love). But more on that in a few days.

Mom traveled over from Durham to spend a few days here to celebrate the holidays. Pouncer, her cat, was lucky to come along. And he made himself useful. Mom and I decided to do a puzzle...1000 pieces while she was visiting, I love puzzles. So decadent, luxurious to just sit there and the only thing to think about is finding that next piece.
So like any cat, Pouncer thought he could really help out, as he is doing here...he needs to get really close though to see the pieces. Mom doesn't seem to mind!!

And I received a lovely teapot set from Mom that she brought back from her travels overseas - the set is from Vietnam. It is beautiful...Here is a photo.

Mom brought back many fun things from her trip, silk scarves, fabric, coconut carved little forks and spoons, ceramic ladle, bracelet, all from the far east. Very fun!
I also received a shimpo banding wheel from my Dad and Joan...which will be a great tool in the studio. and it is the blue round item in this photo. I am getting to take the slab of clay and place it on the half bowl to start the bottom of the next large letter pot I am creating. And I think the shimpo banding wheels are made in Taiwan!! The Asian christmas does not end here.....Today, my first day back to the studio since before Christmas -no wonder I have felt so out of sorts!!-- I to my surprise found gifts on my shelf, with a Poinsettia (that the studio Manager, Julie, was watering for me...) that one of my studio buddies had left, but really great friend, and among all the little surprises....a brush from China...beautiful!
So that ends the Asian part of the christmas...but then there is the Secret Santa who are you????? Look at this lovely dragonfly ( I love dragonflies) Thank you, whoever you are.

So that wraps up (ha) christmas....more to follow I made today. Close ups of the letter pots (someone asked in a post awhile back) and who knows what else!!!


Becky said...

YAY!!!! She's back! It was great being back at the studio again today wasn't it? And it's great seeing you posting again. :) The tea set your Mom gave you is beautiful! And I sure would love to know where that dragonfly came from. It's very special!

Am working on some stuff tonite at home. And I'll be wrecking my journal a bit later.

Namaste! And Happy (almost) New Year!

Anonymous said...

The tea set is gorgeous! Sounds like you and your mom had a very nice holiday. I am very curious to know who the Secret Santa is as well. Let us know if you discover who it is asap!

Kelly said...

Hi Elaine -

It's good to hear from you and see your work. You look great and the pottery is beautiful! I used pottery to get me through years of infertility, but haven't touched clay since kids came along. I'd love to get back into it. Drop me an email at and I'll write more.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like your dragonfly. I was wondering if you got it since I didn't put a return address on the package. It made me think of you. I was showing my mom your blogspot (which I just discovered since I finally got a home computer)and laughed when I saw the photo. Someone was admiring the mug (one of your very first you ever made) on my desk today. That should be enough info for you to know who Secret Santa was. You're still beautiful........

Elaine Spallone said...

Hello Secret Santa!! I know who you are. Very cool and fun. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the experience of not knowing. I was 'accusing' so many people and they denied it. so I had no idea. Thanks for the clues. And love that you still have the mug!