Sunday, December 16, 2007

Partipating in shows fairs and the like

So we took down the Mount Holly Show on Saturday with the SueBoo team, including Sue and her fiance, Steve. Who had NEVER met me, but was helping. Scoring points with the fiance!!! But it was so nice of Steve to help. Here are some photos of Sue and Steve loading their car...
Sue acting like it soo heavy!!!
Sue and Steve----my blurry photos...they were in stopping the team...

Almost loaded and ready to go...The show was great. I sold several pieces and felt great about the response to my work. A real treat. But it is a LOT of physical lifting, wrapping, unpacking, unwrapping to get all the work around. A lot to think about.

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Anna said...

Elaine -congratulations -what a great success! It is great that you have been getting such a great response from customers and potential customers.

You are building a fan club! That is awesome that so many people could help you too.