Monday, December 3, 2007

Setting up work in Mount Holly

And here I go again, next sale. What I find is preparing for the sale takes up the whole week. And I also find myself thinking about getting my hands in clay....especially watching the pieces go, knowing I need to make more. Thinking about new places I want to explore. Pieces I want to do more of.....So tonight, rock stars Lee and Sue helped me set up. And they are Rock Stars, (my teacher Amy Sanders always says this) and it is just so appropriate here.

So I had almost nothing for display-- borrowed shelving from a fellow potter Ralph Mellow, and Lee brought tables, tons of material - black, felt, silky and colors!, boxes and baskets- which saved me!!! It looks soooo good. AND Lee brought a little table to use just for sitting at a desk. Awesome!! I have a few preliminary photos of the beginning....but more will be on the way because Lee took some GREAT shots of the set up.
Look at Lee carrying in the shelving!!

And Sue untying the shelving...

Lee, Sue and Judy---Judy works with Lee, and she is the one who let us know it was happening, and I should participate. Thank you Judy!!

One table set up --not finished yet. Check back later for a slideshow of the set up, photography by the talented Lee. She really took some neat artistic shots!

Many other artists were setting up too...beautiful work....paintings, photography, and many others on the way. I can't wait to see it all set up Friday night.

And while these past two weeks have been so hectic just in the clay world, ALSO this is my last week at the Red Cross. So I am tying up loose ends....had to buy a new computer to give back the one I am using from the REd Cross, getting files in order for the next person, planning my goodbye party, AND getting ready to go to Chamber Music at St. Peter's ....tomorrow is the First Tuesday Concert and they are introducing me to the audience. So I had to prepare the speech. Anyway, just a side note to this crazy time. Oh yea, and it is madness. Right, I am supposed to shop and bake and all that jazz!!! Yowzaaa.


Ruth said...

Elaine, Figured you would have the pictures up already and I was right. The Art Gallery is coming together and so glad you are a part of it! Ruth N

Anonymous said...

Very cool Elaine...very exciting about your new work adventure. I think it will inspire your pottery as well.

Elaine Spallone said...

Thank you Ruth and anonymous!!

Becky said...

Soooo exciting!!!! Another sale! (the pix look great! Can't wait to see the rest!) And a new turn on your career path! (I'm sure your speech was especially eloquent!)

Your racks look mighty empty at ClayWorks, gal. Forget the cookies and such and get pinching, painting and creating more of that wonderful work you do!


Oh yeah. There was a wonderful little handbuilt piece (that cool technique Amy taught us) on your display that I wanted to buy but it didn't have a price tag on it. :) I'll check with you on that one next time I see you at CW. Best of luck with the sale!!!