Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bisque kiln loaded

I was able to load 7 Dia de lost Muertos skulls, many many little plates, a square plate, two large bowls, several maybe 7 small pinched mugs and vessels, plus three large Dia de lost Muertos Wall Hangings. I am using a new clay that will be functional at cone I am curious to find out if I like it with the process I use.

I am signing up for a glaze kiln in two weeks so I will have time to prepare the pieces when they come out on Tuesday.

And I am thinking I would like to complete a full cycle each month: make enough work to load a kiln, bisque kiln, glaze the work, fire glaze kiln. Start over. I am interested to find out what the rhythm feels like by having a schedule like this. We will see, and if it is too much, maybe something like every 6 weeks...

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