Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Clay and People

I am working with a new clay body..pinching out my familiar forms; the Dia de los Muertos Skulls and letter pots (which I may be changing the name- soon). I find working with this new clay that I have to have more patience. The point when I am used to taking certain steps--like when I start to refine the rim on a letter pot, or really accentuate the body to the shape I like--with this new clay I find it is not ready for me to do those steps. If I push it, it starts to collapse, lose shape or other unwanted responses. So I have to wait and let it dry out more. The forms waiting to dry because they are not ready for the refining touches yet....

Anyway, as I was working with the clay tonight I realized a clay body is like a person. With each one you have to treat it somewhat differently. A different relationship is formed. And as I interact, I have to be aware and responsive to how the person is reacting against me. If I treat someone like the other person I know, they might not respond well. Just some thoughts on a warm Wednesday evening.

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