Friday, January 11, 2008

Clay is talking to me

No I am not crazy, but like the other night, thoughts pop up as I am working with the clay about the parallels to life...

So tonight I was smoothing over an early crack in the clay. I know from pinching out many of these forms, that I will see that crack again as I continue to work the clay and it expands, grows thinner and larger. And every so often, the crack will show up again. I smooth it over. And depending how deep the crack is, I have to really smooth it a lot. Or just a little for a small crack. Working around and around the clay. Crack. Smooth. Pinch pinch pinch, ...repeat until finished.

And sometimes I leave those lines and sometimes I smooth them out. But in the very early stages I always smooth it out because it will tear open the entire form if I do not (but it would be fun to let it be and see what happens....another time)

Ok, so the parallel.

So when I smoothed out that crack and knew later I would see it again, I thought about my life and the cracks in it. On the brink of turning 40, and having more life experience behind me...I am realizing that cracks I thought I had taken care of years ago...reappear from time to time for smoothing over.

When that first happened in my life, I remember feeling so upset about it. I felt I had taken care of that "issue" So to have to work on it again...I felt like I had failed in some way. As I did not fully take care it the first time around.

I don't feel that way anymore, I realize that my stuff comes up again, and I get to smooth it over--not in a bad way, but like a healing way.

I just love realizing and experiencing it physically with clay. And how gentle it can be, that smoothing over. Loving really. And that it happens!!! ... In clay too. clay is a great teacher, let me tell you!!

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Becky said...

I'm finding clay to be quite the teacher, myself. But I've gotta say that you, too, have offered much insight and wisdom with the words you wrote tonight. Many thanks for a wonderful perspective.