Monday, January 14, 2008


I am driving to work leaving my neighborhood. Every morning at the same time the two canadian geese are hanging out at the edge of the parking lot on the grass. I think of them, as they are probably mating, getting ready for the spring (even thought mid-january I do not think we should thinking about stuff like that..with 60 degree weather it is inevitable) But every day there they are. Both of them. In the same place too. I can't help but think, when they landed in that very same place there was more grass there last year. I know that the parking lot was paved over the summer and there is less grass, less place for the water to soak in and get to the roots of the trees, there. I can't help but think of these things. BTW The closest we are getting to pottery tonight is the dirt and possibly clay under there--the newly paved parking lot .

So those ducks are wondering where all that grass is. Then I think about what that would mean for us. So we leave for a couple months for a trip. Return and head to our nearest Harris Teeter. Except it is no longer there. Hmm that is weird. Must have closed down. Head to the next closest one. Hmm that one is closed too. I am not really panicking yet. Just weird that there would be two closed down. Get to third one. It is MOBBED. Everyone is there picking over the shelves, all in one place, more than I have ever seen.

Maybe ducks do not have this same awareness that we have. But I can't imagine that they don't notice that there is less grass than when they landed a year prior. And then made a nest. I bet some even give up on a site. I mean these guys are HUNGRY. So that is all they are thinking about. they are smart and so they fly to that other site...and now there are houses on it now, and even though there is grass, these people come out and chase them away. Yikes, how am I going to make a home???

yea, that is just the start to my day. I can't help but think about that...I hope those ducks are ok and can make a family on my neighborhood pond.

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