Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

The ending of the second day of the new year. It is my favorite holiday. I like the clean slate, the clear line in the sand. I really take time to think about what I am letting go of so I don't bring it with me and think about what I will welcome into my life the next year.

I don't know how you picture the calendar year in your head, but I bet you picture it. Mine starts in January, and in linear fashion progresses one month after the other to December in a line to the right, until I have to go all the way back to the left to start the new year in January. So I have a visual feeling of starting over too.

The most prominent thought I have this New Year is letting go. I want to go through everthing, closets, shelves, drawers, etc and pile up stuff I no longer need and bring it elsewhere out of my house. Same for my interior mind. Clean out those thoughts I no longer need. I really liked Jen
Mecca's blog and one of her hopes: her butt gets smaller. that one works for me too! Not that any of you can see my butt..

So the other day--Saturday? I was at the studio again after the bulk of the holidays had passed and it was soooo good to be there. I spent more time talking I think. But it was a good thing to do. Just being in the environment and community. Here are some of the potters at the wheel that day.

It is a great time to enjoy each other's company and lose yourself in the clay. Soon...detail of the letter pots, as I promised.

Happy New Year everyone.


Sister Creek Potter said...

Hi, Elaine, I'm doing what you are hoping to do--clearing out. I have an extra push because we are moving for the first time in 28 years and we are both big-time-pack rats! It is a huge chore--but feels good to be doing it. Hope I am getting rid of enough stuff--not just rearranging it again!
I am so intrigued with your letter pots--wonder if you would mind if I try my hand at it. I won't be writing letters but I thought I'd like to put on the pots some of the 'sayings' I am always copying onto little slips of paper and find all over the place!
I really enjoy checking out your blog each morning. I like the things you value and admire how you live your life.
Happy New Year, Gay Judson

Ron said...

Hey. I view my calendar in that same way. Sarah and I are doing some cleaning out too. Two old desktop computers are heading out today along with an old tv and we have even been through a few drawers. I'd love to have less stuff. Nice to see those images from Clayworks. I can't wait to get back to teaching. See you soon.

Becky said...

Happy New Year Lady E! Great post! Hope to see you this Saturday for the FIRST Saturday Marathon Day of Clay. :)