Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kiln UNloaded

My faithful and since the first kiln, unloaders, Susan and Becky were there to see the new creations and help with the physical work of unloading the kiln. It is always a great pleasure to see each new layer revealed as we work our way down to the bottom. So here are the photos.
Here's Becky behind one of the new Dia de los Muertos skulls...the one that lost its back during the drying process. But now we get to see this awesome birthday girl's lovely eyes peeping out! (Today is Becky's bday!!)

And here is a skull with its back on....ready to hang on the wall. And Susan unloading.... I caught her unawares...thus her surprised look.
One of the shelves.....
A large Grieving Vessel...trying a new surface... And the new smaller skulls...which I love and think are my best yet. Not sure why I keep to these colors...thinking about trying some others....
And a wild experiment with this bowl. First I thought it was a green slip that I made...and here it is blue...and it was a surface designe that looked awful...so I just played around and this is my wild pot.

On to the next...to keep on the schedule of one kiln a month.


Tales of an Artist & his Travelers said...

Wow Elaine, great masks and skulls. Fantastic! Your friend has happy eyes. Full of life.
I love the butterflies. The spirits travel on their wings, they make me smile. A bit of tension, but generally they are at peace. Bravo!
How`s the kitty with the weakness?

Becky said...

Lady E! Thank you for the joy you gave by letting me help unload your kiln. Quite a lovely haul! And many thanks for the birthday wine and card. You are a great friend and a wise teacher. Please put my order in for one skull mask and that Cirris Cloud Bowl!!!

Elaine Spallone said...

Artist traveler- thank you for the feedback. My friend is filled with life, I agree! I am curious about the tension remark- sure it is true, but how you see that.

Ms. Becky...you are the wise one my friend. I hope your day was great.

Tales of an Artist & his Travelers said...

The tension for me comes from the butterfly recently freed from the cacoon carrying off the spirit, freeing it from the body/human cacoon. Also the vibrant colors of life against the pale death. Just my vision of your work, probably too simple but that`s how they reveal themselves to me.