Monday, January 21, 2008

Little pots and cats

I spent much of the weekend at the studio glazing the day of the dead skulls......forgot the photos again. I have three new wall hangings for this series that I am excited about. but still left to glaze by the 28th are 5-7 vessels and about 15 or so hopefully they will not take nearly as long as the skulls.

At home, a photo of a few pinched pots- I believe I will be calling these Grieving Pots or Vessels or cups something like that....I like it better than letter pot...I just love the shape of both of these vessels. I like the fingermarks, there is a certain rhythm to them on the surface. I like the rims and overall shape. Something about the curve and fullness. soothing. comforting to me.
And my little shrinking kitty, Euphrates. My clay production has slowed a bit as I do not go to the studio during the week right now so I can be home and spend time with her. She has dropped probably 10-11 pounds the past two months. She used to be 18lbs....very tiny except for her liver cyst. So we just take it day by day--as long as she is not suffering, eats, drinks, comes out of the rooms, etc....but here is a picture of her.


John "little like sand" Ramsay said...

Cute cat, great goose story and I love the skulls. Nice work!
Years ago one of my great uncles had a farm, actually two of them had farms but this one had a pond where a small flock of swans would stop over every year. The farm was sold, subdivided and after a year or so the swans moved on. The pond is still ther but too much activity for the swans. Too bad for the swans and the residents.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww..she is so little, but still so darling! She is such a pretty little cat.

Elaine Spallone said...

John- thank you for your comments. I hate learning about those swans...and the millions of others that have had to move on..and you are right, it is sad for both parties.

anonymous--yes she is a pretty cat. thank you!! I think she is down to 3-4 pounds today. Not many hours left...

John "little like sand" Ramsay said...

Oh no, don`t be to sad for the swans. I`m sure they found a place to rest and recharge for the rest of their journey. It`s the people that lost their beauty. The time had come for the swans to move on, as it is with all things.
Good luck to you and kitty. May her spirit soar when the time comes for her to move on.
I felt something sad in your response, had to post one last thing.