Monday, January 28, 2008

Round pots and cat

Both are sweet and full. The pots are multiplying on my dining room table and I just love this latest series -

And my full round cat, as compared to her sister and shrinking cat. This is her latest favorite place. And it is perfect because I can get to the back of the chair and she is at the perfect height for me seated, so I can cuddle right up to her. We both love it.

Although I am pretty sure she does not like having her photo taken!! And the kiln is cooling off right tomorrow..

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Tales of an Artist & his Travelers said...

Thanks for the link Elaine.
We have 3 cats a little dog and horses. The cats are by far the most interesting and affectionate. The diabetic kitty is almost as big as the little dog. A whopping 23 lbs. The cats are Maine Coons. All related and brought to us by their mother as kittens. She left and we became their sole means of support.