Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kiln Finished

I did not expect the kiln to be ready while I was at the studio today. But when I arrived the temperature was already cooled to 153F, that was exciting to read. We opened the top to let it cool a bit more, and by 144F, we took out everything. I am very pleased with the pieces this time around. Mr. I am Big Skull did not get a photo taken today because I did not bring my camera. But here are a few shots of pieces I brought home with me to enjoy, respond and listen to, get to know, before I feel ready to let them move on to a new family.

A sample of the new skulls. These are my best yet, is how I feel. I love the inside glaze I tried out on the pink guy.

The two shots above are of my favorite Grieving Vessel. The right shape, weight, I love the glaze, and have learned something new about the stain underneath, with that strong line and bottom half that is so different from the top half. Plus really enjoy the line on the rim.


Becky said...

Beautiful, Elaine! Just beautiful! Love the colours on the new skulls and the grieving vessels are especially nice. Isn't it exciting when new directions lead to happy endings...or in this case, new beginnings. Think I'll have to jump over to CW during lunch to see the Big Boy. I don't think I can wait 'til Tuesday!

John "little like sand" said...

I second that, just beautiful.