Friday, March 7, 2008

New family and the rest ready for the kiln

Photos---of the fingers on the vessels to let the background show through. As I wrote the other, these are my favorites. Although there is not writing, because I started out with a different intention.

I love that I can see the segments of my finger in this one above. And then below, some other surface design that I am exploring.

And here is Mr. I am a Big Skull!! Inside he is decorated with a clear crackle. And to right, you can see another wall plaque. I used the Eenie minie meenie mo method and Spring is in the air and seems to have directed the colors. It is charteuse, light pale yellow and pink!!!

Should be ready Sunday or Monday...not sure when Julie will load it. latest will be 3p on Saturday. It is out of my hands now.


John "little like sand" said...

The excitement builds! This is going to be fun. I can`t wait to see the finished glazes.

Becky said...

Great pix, Lady E. Julie loaded your kiln today between the two Muddy Fun classes. Some of the participants passed by the cart laden with your pieces. waiting to be loaded. They drew "ahhs" and favourable comments. :) Can't wait to see how everything turns out.