Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pick One

Ok, so I am looking at the Grieving Vessels I brought home and looking at them, and listening. Learning. Walking away. Listening. learning. Inspired with some, very excited actually. So before I share my thoughts, what are YOURS? I am curious as to what you think, critically. I am posting photos and would love your feedback. Why do they work for you or NOT. What could make it stronger. What weakens it. do your best with some amateur photos with wine and coffee makers as the background, hey this is real life. Post anonymously if needed. And thank you for sharing.


Jen Mecca said...

Since I too am dealing with how to write on pots I'm not sure what I think of the written vessel but one image came to mind. What would happen if you wrote inside them as well?? Just a thought.
I really like the vessel with no writing on them. I like the way the slip/stain looks like it is running down the pot.
Good luck. Jen

John "little like sand" said...

The little pots are lovely. Are they glazed on the inside? Critical critique? I`d have to see the one that lives in heart to know if your hands and eyes did it justice. They`re very nice Elaine.


i like them.
i just do.

Becky said...

Elaine, these are wonderful! There are facets of each that I like a lot and there is nothing on any of them that I don't. (Does that make sense?) The glaze/stains on the vessels in the first picture have such a nice flow. In the second picture, I love that unexpected little dip in the rim. And the two GVs in the last shot are just fantastic. They might be my favourites, but it would be difficult to choose.

Will you be at the studio this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Very nice shapes and the exterior surface quality on the bottom two is especially rich. However, the surface quality of the interior (appears to be raw clay, electric fired) seems to me, by contrast, to be neglected and leaves the impression that the pots are not quite finished. You may want experiment with staining the interior with a matte stain that complements the outside.

Big caveat on the following - I have no idea how well it might work: If you were looking to add some color to the writing, one experiment that you may want to consider is to coat the pot with a liquid wax resist (and let it set up) before starting the scrafitto writing. Then you could come back and fill in the words with a colored slip/stain and sponge off any excess slip/stain where it beaded up on the wax - hopefully adding color to the words.

Keep up the good work,

S. Dean - Raleigh NC

John "little like sand" said...

Happy St, Patty`s Elaine.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend Elaine, I think I've seen so many of your written vessels that I'm getting a little burned out on them (you know how us Geminis love change) so I want to say that I really like the new styles in the bottom-most photo, particularly the one on the left. Why favor this one? I like the black rim - it gives it sort of a classy, finished look, in my opinion. You definitely rock!!! Lee

Elaine Spallone said...

So many thanks for the feedback everyone....really great information!!

Fedele said...

Ciao Elaine !!!!

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