Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where to start

March was intense...spring is that way to me anyway- Demanding in its extremes of weather and transitions. Coupled with a demanding work month: board retreat, two major grants, three concerts in one week, major work on a branding initiative, an annual benefit concert, plus monthly concert, master class, visitors and regular meetings, and that I am new to the organization and this level of responsibility AND March madness...well not much time left for blogging. Oh and, keeping on goal to fire a kiln each month...

Well that madness left me waking up on Saturdays around 10 am, getting up and returning to bed an hour later for another 1-2 hours of rest.

But I think things are calming down a bit, at least no more March Madness..and not just in basketball.

The annual spring sale was this past weekend, and a few people walked away with some pieces -so they now have new homes that I hope all are enjoying. Here are some photos.
A full view and a few closer looks:

These pieces are in the gallery. I think I am moving away from the writing on the pots...I really like how calm I feel when I look at the vessel without writing. But no commitments yet.
Thank you all for the comments you made about the vessels. They are helpful to me!


Becky said...

Beautiful, Elaine! The vessels, the display, your work featured in the gallery! Best of all it was so good to see you Friday!

Let's do another Zada Jane day soon. Maybe lunch?

Anonymous said...

I get so many compliments on the vessel I have in my new office. People pick it up and look and -it is a great conversation starter.

Will have to buy some more pieces.

you rock!


oh wow!
Lookin' good!

John "little like sand" said...

Very nice work Elaine. Interesting how work evolves over time isn`t it. Rest is good, it`s when the spirit dances and brings new visions.

Kim from Kansas said...

Your work is beautiful!

Elaine Spallone said...

Thank you everyone for the feedback and comments!!