Saturday, August 30, 2008

C-clamps, plaster, buckets oh my!

At the Peter Rose workshop in Rock Hill a couple weekends ago, Peter shared his tools for making molds. He took four pieces of wood, four c-clamps and viola any size you needed was available. So I stopped at Home depot today to get the items. The salespeople were very helpful too. One salesperson, Sharma, that I asked where Plaster of Paris was located and c-clamps, proceeded to help me.

She grabbed a cart, loaded the plaster in it, buckets and shopped with me. I normally am not so open to this kind of help at the store- (mostly because I want the time to shop and consider and pick up loose ends--and I feel pressured if a salesperson is with me, like I have to be more decisive and quick so not to waste their time), but I guess times have changed, because I was ok with it. And functionally, carrying 25 pounds of plaster, a couple 5 gallon buckets, c-clamps and wood, really wasn't possible. And pushing a cart and my wheelchair...not that functional either -possible of course! And don't try solving this with some cart thing that I attach to my thanks!!

So, I am planning on making a few Dia de los Muertos Skull molds, so I can make some larger forms, and spend more time in their surface design rather than the pinching process.
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A stunning display tonight....

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

House Dish

Spaghetti with oil, garlic, and anchovies, is one my favorite dinners. Tonight I enjoyed it pure, meaning usually I make it with spinach.

One of my traditions when I make it is to eat a couple anchovies right from the can! Yummy.

The babes liked playing in the parmesean cheese I grated. It looks like snow!

Eat up! yum.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

No clay again

Today I had a 6:30p appt after work, so no studio time in over a week. I am starting to feel the antsy, ungrounded self I become when this happens. Possibly tomorrow. But when I arrived home yesterday from vaca., I found a very warm house, in a very warm climate, as my air conditioner seems to be on the fritz! Yikes. So an appt tomorrow toward the end of the day--and hopefully it does not take long to fix. I have never had an experience with having to fix an air conditioner so I am not sure what I am in for. Some say a lot $$$! So here is my sweet sleeping cat Tygris, who is sooo happy I am home from the trip. It is heartbreaking to wonder about her days alone (with one visit a day from the cat sitter). Even now that I have returned, she will wander down the hall, or be in the bedroom and start meowing, something she normally does not do. I reply, that I am here, and she seems to be ok. So nice to be missed! Just love my animal friends.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Traveling to LV

One blogger, big Al, asked about traveling about this land in a wheelchair. having just recently visiting LV, I have a few words.

First traveling today while using a wheelchair is quite different than 19 years ago. The industry is better trained and has the experience that they did not have in 1989, just as the ADA became law. Back then, who knows if my wheelchair would meet me at the door of the plane. So I learned not to get out of my seat until it arrived. Since the crew can't leave until everyone is off, that made for ensuring my chair met me at the door.

But now the airline industry knows what it is doing. On most planes I have to transfer onto a slim chair that will take me down the narrow plane aisle and then I transfer into my seat. But who knows if the aisle arm of the chair will raise, so sometimes I am lifted by personnel to my seat. But if the arm raises, I can do it alone, which I prefer.

I hate this aisle chair, because for protection they have to strap me in, (sometimes three belts) and I feel as if I have just been out of control so they are strapping me down to prevent further episodes!!! Every minute is an exercise it seems in keeping some dignity and grace.

Now, these past couple of trips, I have traveled on SouthWest airlines. And they are the best!!! No first class, so if I get there first, I can get the first seat, which means I do not have to transfer to the slim aisle chair, but can take my own chair on the plane and slip easily into my seat. The aisle arms raises up no problem, and I just jump in. It is so convenient. And the personnel is the nicest I have ever experienced.

One other thing about planes, and this is another challenge to keeping dignity!! Bathrooms. That slim aisle chair does not travel with us during domestic flights, so on the longer fights, which LV was, I cut back on liquids, and hope that kidneys and bladder can make it for 4-5 hours. Not always successful! but what is a bladder to do? So I spend a lot of time worrying while traveling on the plane. Praying all will hold!

On another post I will talk about hotels.

After the rain

Not sure how these photos will influence the pots, but I was intrigued by all I saw around the house after the rain. I am also trying to find beauty and interest anywhere anytime. Training my eye to see details, patterns, interest. I found these photos interesting last week. Sunlight on sidewalk above. Last stream of water from the roof, collecting in the rain barrel.

A large pot I keep under the rain barrel to collect extra water from it!! Waterfalls around the house.

Cement drying.... cool pattern.
My reflection on the grill.
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Barrel fire number 3. I like the process of hanging out during the day while the fire burns our pots. Being present and close to the process, versus when I fire in an electric kiln...set it, and walk away for a couple days. But during the Barrel Fire, we get to know each other better. Some of us are productive taking the time to develop our ceramics.
And then others are....well....It's the CPK and John duo---next stop...Vegas!!!

And a canine visitor!The results hidden away under the ashes. The excitement is electric right now as we eagerly wait to pull out our fired pots.

One of my pinch pots from the fire. This firing was much darker than the last one. With still awesome results, but also with much learning about this primitive firing!

Sorry but you have to turn your head for this one, it would not rotate for some reason.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Going to Las Vegas

I'll be back with a million or two, definitely some to share. So I won't be posting for a week....but lots to follow....barrel firing (see John's blog, or Becky's), thoughts, after the rain and more. Of course there will be Las Vegas photos too! Have a great week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the moment

What a lovely evening tonight!! cool outside, beautiful clouds and sunset. I ate some great food during it too. So take these fresh ingredients:

And get this delicious mealWhoooaaaa, looks like there is a lot of interest for these bruschetta beauties.

So according to my Oriental Traditions book: Healing with Whole Foods, there is more than vitamins and minerals to the foods we eat. Here is a look at some of the foods I ate tonight:

Tomato - very cooling to the body, relieves dryness and thirst, tonifies stomach and cleans the liver, purifies the blood, relieves liver heat...and lots more

Eggplant - cooling thermal nature, reduces swelling, clears stagnant blood,.....etc

Garlic - promotes circulation and sweating, inhibits the common cold virus as well as viruses, elimanates worms, unfavorable bacteria, etc... this little gem has a whole page description it is so good for us.

And since I am going to eat some watermelon in just a bit....very cooling thermal nature (another great one for the summer--naturally) removes heat, including summer heat problems, influences the heart, bladder and stomach, builds body fluids, moistens the intestines, use to treat thirst, edema, canker sores, depression, and kidney and urinary tract inflammations.....and more

I love this more holistic approach to foods. Instead of only vitamins and minerals, they offer so much addition to their wonderful yumminess and fuel. And in this light, just adding vitamins to processed cereal or whatever is a hard sell.

I am also drinking a glass of wine with my dinner tonight, and this book does not speak too highly about it!

here is my kitty getting herself a little treat-

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Look who else wants to go outside! She's Reflecting!!!! (good title I think....which she?)
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Baby It's Cold Outside

Bing Crosby said it, but it is not tonight, it is beautiful. And the Good Luck Babes wanted to play!

Hmmm.....doesn't look so good. Imprisoned.
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Johnny Cash Pot. Another one from the recent cone 10 firing. I am pleased. There is more copper..the aged looking kind ...than my camera picked up. Johnny Cash - organic, authentic, from the soul, a bit tormented. Those a few of the words I think of him and the songs he sang and wrote. The first album I ever owned was Johnn Cash "I walk the Line" (along with Elvis' "Burning Love") I received both those albums the same christmas....not sure which one, but I was very young...7, 8? Before my neighbor Nicki and friend moved to Ashland, OR.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wonderful Providence Housekeeping

And the wonderful owner of Providence Housekeeping, Aris, came by today to arrange my TV stereo equipment so those wires were not so wild! The proud results!

New photos from cone 10 firing

The photos from the studio just did not do this piece justice under those flourescents! So here are a few more to view.

A few close ups.

Who are these ladies peering down?

What kind of brew are they making anyway?

Looks good..

Oops!! That is two kiln shelves down....Becky's glasses that slipped off her face!!! Had to unload that top shelf and half of the bottom....

Half opened for the glasses grab!!

Becky Ju-Ian and Cindy...loaded a successful kiln with me snapping photos away!!