Saturday, August 30, 2008

C-clamps, plaster, buckets oh my!

At the Peter Rose workshop in Rock Hill a couple weekends ago, Peter shared his tools for making molds. He took four pieces of wood, four c-clamps and viola any size you needed was available. So I stopped at Home depot today to get the items. The salespeople were very helpful too. One salesperson, Sharma, that I asked where Plaster of Paris was located and c-clamps, proceeded to help me.

She grabbed a cart, loaded the plaster in it, buckets and shopped with me. I normally am not so open to this kind of help at the store- (mostly because I want the time to shop and consider and pick up loose ends--and I feel pressured if a salesperson is with me, like I have to be more decisive and quick so not to waste their time), but I guess times have changed, because I was ok with it. And functionally, carrying 25 pounds of plaster, a couple 5 gallon buckets, c-clamps and wood, really wasn't possible. And pushing a cart and my wheelchair...not that functional either -possible of course! And don't try solving this with some cart thing that I attach to my thanks!!

So, I am planning on making a few Dia de los Muertos Skull molds, so I can make some larger forms, and spend more time in their surface design rather than the pinching process.
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T.Gray said...

Elaine, I'm curious, why did he use/suggest plaster of Paris vs. #1 pottery plaster?

Elaine Spallone said...

Hi Tom, Peter did not recommend plaster of paris, ...I just bought it because that is what I thought we have been using when I learned about molds...didn't even know about pottery plaster!!

T.Gray said...

Elaine, #1 pottery plaster is carried by just about every ceramic supply house. I don't know about P of P, but #1 is not usable after 6 months in the bag, and I would shoot for less than that to be safe. It absorbs moisture from the air, becomes hydrated, and begins the chemical process of hardening. The date of manufacture is on the bag. Talk to Ron Philbeck if you run into problems with the P of P.

jbf said...

Wow! Look at you go! The first one to explore the mold process from the workshop. (I want to check it out too, but I have to have something mold-worthy first.)

If you are planning to do it at the studio I would be glad to give you a hand and learn something in the process.

As Peter told us, don't forget the mold soap!