Sunday, August 24, 2008

Barrel fire number 3. I like the process of hanging out during the day while the fire burns our pots. Being present and close to the process, versus when I fire in an electric kiln...set it, and walk away for a couple days. But during the Barrel Fire, we get to know each other better. Some of us are productive taking the time to develop our ceramics.
And then others are....well....It's the CPK and John duo---next stop...Vegas!!!

And a canine visitor!The results hidden away under the ashes. The excitement is electric right now as we eagerly wait to pull out our fired pots.

One of my pinch pots from the fire. This firing was much darker than the last one. With still awesome results, but also with much learning about this primitive firing!

Sorry but you have to turn your head for this one, it would not rotate for some reason.
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jbf said...

Had to include the "dancing" picture, eh? It was a great time.

BTW, welcome home.

Becky said...

And it was a great dance. I think? Can't remember it actually. But I love the pic.

Elaine Spallone said...

I LOVE this dancing photo. One of my favorites. You guys are perfect with the gloves and kiln shelf!!!