Monday, August 18, 2008

Going to Las Vegas

I'll be back with a million or two, definitely some to share. So I won't be posting for a week....but lots to follow....barrel firing (see John's blog, or Becky's), thoughts, after the rain and more. Of course there will be Las Vegas photos too! Have a great week.


Big Al said...

Hope the trip to 'sin city' was fun. I always going and so spend some time at the Black Jack tables...a sad vice.

Elaine, I hope this is not insensitive to ask: What is it like traveling when bound to a wheelchair? How is it flying, taxi's, hotels? I am impressed that you've gone on with life while floating 3 inches off the ground. I travel a lot and find that 2 leggers can be challenged with airlines, airports and the joys of public transportation.

Looking forward to the pics. Oh, by the way, I am Anonymous that asked about the brother's pan the other day. I was just too lazy to sign in, not going to do that again.

Becky said...

It's Saturday night. Are you home yet...are you home yet? Can't wait to hear how many millions you won. Coz' even 1 mill would mean we could BUY a stretch of beach and do seaside pit firings whenever we want!!!!

Elaine Spallone said...

I am back! But not with my millions. those were left in LV!!! No I am not a big gambler, but the little I did, I seemed to have good luck, but not the fortitude to gamble big, and therefore win big!!

Big Al, traveling: I think I will blog about it!