Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the moment

What a lovely evening tonight!! cool outside, beautiful clouds and sunset. I ate some great food during it too. So take these fresh ingredients:

And get this delicious mealWhoooaaaa, looks like there is a lot of interest for these bruschetta beauties.

So according to my Oriental Traditions book: Healing with Whole Foods, there is more than vitamins and minerals to the foods we eat. Here is a look at some of the foods I ate tonight:

Tomato - very cooling to the body, relieves dryness and thirst, tonifies stomach and cleans the liver, purifies the blood, relieves liver heat...and lots more

Eggplant - cooling thermal nature, reduces swelling, clears stagnant blood,.....etc

Garlic - promotes circulation and sweating, inhibits the common cold virus as well as viruses, elimanates worms, unfavorable bacteria, etc... this little gem has a whole page description it is so good for us.

And since I am going to eat some watermelon in just a bit....very cooling thermal nature (another great one for the summer--naturally) removes heat, including summer heat problems, influences the heart, bladder and stomach, builds body fluids, moistens the intestines, use to treat thirst, edema, canker sores, depression, and kidney and urinary tract inflammations.....and more

I love this more holistic approach to foods. Instead of only vitamins and minerals, they offer so much addition to their wonderful yumminess and fuel. And in this light, just adding vitamins to processed cereal or whatever is a hard sell.

I am also drinking a glass of wine with my dinner tonight, and this book does not speak too highly about it!

here is my kitty getting herself a little treat-


jbf said...

Oh man, you're makin' me hungry. Fresh tomatoes, eggplant, garlic, and plastic horses.


Good stuff, just like mama used to make.

Becky said...

Do I recognize CSA goodies in that delicious supper? I'd already had supper when I visited your blog. You made me hungry all over again.

And those horses!!!! You have some very cool toys.

But the Soft Paw in Action pic stole the show!

Elaine Spallone said...

mama taught me some things, but believe it or not I do not have my own sauce recipe!!

that T is a cutie...I just laugh when she digs these treats gentle, of course.

doug fitch said...

Ha ha!!;)