Monday, August 25, 2008

No clay again

Today I had a 6:30p appt after work, so no studio time in over a week. I am starting to feel the antsy, ungrounded self I become when this happens. Possibly tomorrow. But when I arrived home yesterday from vaca., I found a very warm house, in a very warm climate, as my air conditioner seems to be on the fritz! Yikes. So an appt tomorrow toward the end of the day--and hopefully it does not take long to fix. I have never had an experience with having to fix an air conditioner so I am not sure what I am in for. Some say a lot $$$! So here is my sweet sleeping cat Tygris, who is sooo happy I am home from the trip. It is heartbreaking to wonder about her days alone (with one visit a day from the cat sitter). Even now that I have returned, she will wander down the hall, or be in the bedroom and start meowing, something she normally does not do. I reply, that I am here, and she seems to be ok. So nice to be missed! Just love my animal friends.

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