Sunday, September 28, 2008

About fluffy and slumpy

Those are the names of the two pineapple cakes that were enjoyed at the studio this weekend.

In making the cakes, I wanted to do a test run on Thursday night. I have over 30 years of baking experience. I can remember standing next to my grandmother, very young, cracking eggs for her to make something, who knows what it was. But we were baking. And my mom (you have permission to read this!!! excuse the side joke everyone) continued to teach me. I am sure we all have those tips in our heads that come from our grownups that raised us. I can still hear my mom tell me how to measure out brown sugar and demonstrating for me.

So this background information is leading me to my cake story. As I was about to crack in the eggs for Ada Darlings cake, I thought, I really should crack those eggs in a separate bowl first. Especially because I have been getting fresh organic local eggs. But I did not heed that sound sure gentle advice in my head. So you all know where this is headed!! And I also want to point out, knowing that cracking in a another bowl is the proper technique...mostly the reasoning I heard was to ensure no eggshells were included in the mix...leaving you to dig them out. And I also want to point out that in all my years baking, I have never encountered a rotten egg!!

So, yes I cracked into the bowl with my sugar and other eggs, and boy was it rotten!!!! UGHHH. And that smell!! Well that really colored the rest of the baking that night. The smell never went away. Although I started over, and using the proper technique, things just weren't right. Plus I ran out of sugar, and had to use raw sugar, that was larger and not finely processed.

So the cake went into the oven, homemade from scratch. And I noticed it fall at the end!! I feel like suddenly it was 1932 or something. Rotten eggs, fallen cake. Where am I?
The next day, I bought sugar and a store bought yellow cake mix (sorry Ada!!) and made the cake again. I really wanted a fluffy version.

But at the studio, slumpy (above) was the more popular cake. Everyone just loved that brown sugar butter crusty edge. One stick of butter and a cup of brown sugar!! yea Ada!

More barrel fire photos this week. Forgot the camera today at the studio. And there is a dooozy beautiful one to follow.


Big Al said...

I swear I can smell it cooking! Not the rotten eggs, which are unmistakable, but the cake!

I got the recipe. Will be making it next weekend!

T.Gray said...

Elaine, the cake didn't fall. The rim of the plate is higher than the well, check your image, and the cake had no choice but to follow gravitational pull. Been there.......

ang said...

excellent tale, everyone loves a mushy cake!!

Elaine Spallone said...

Tom- you are generous!! Indeed, though, it fell long before it made it onto the plate. I had a nice look at it in the oven!! But no worries forward, as slumpy is the favorite!

Becky said...

Slumpy "takes the cake"! That crust???? Dear heavens!
Rich? Yes! Do I crave t? Yes! Once a month I think I can handle it. :) Bravo, Elaine!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi E- the cake does fall a bit- but it is a sponge cake and its nature is to absorb all that goodness you put on top. It beats the store bought anyday!
You can find classic sponge cake recipes in most good cookbooks- or maybe older ones. These are meant to be made with out all the fluff- and be a bit chewy and stout.
I am very happy it was a hit!
Ada would be proud!
Keep it going!
PS-I love the babies and their adventures- a bit of Oh-no Mr. Bill......