Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mermaids and Spiders

Mermaids are on my mind yet again. And have taken a new role at the studio. Here they have made their way onto my recent vessels, capturing their souls. The vessel above is about 15inches high, not sure of width, haven't measured. But it is a new direction for me, as most everything prior- at least in this shape, could fit in my hand.

This guy is about 5inches high.

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you know I have a special relationship, seemingly, to spiders. For one, I don't kill them, unless mistakenly or absolutely necessary-- I am not sure when that is. Here are a couple outside patroling the house, being good sentries. I was quite happy to see this guy above, garden spider, or also known as a writing spider, or sewing spider to others. Each year there are several of these guys about- last year, one made a web in the space of my front door--what a surprise when I opened it on my way to work in the morning! So I hadn't seen any this year and was worried. But here they are.

And I do not know what kind of spider this green one is.....he came crawling out of the yarrow I cut down. I felt bad as I had destroyed her home, but I am sure she will find a new one.

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jbf said...

I like the new pots. Are these going in the barrel or the kiln?

This is scary. I just posted about a spider on my blog ten minutes ago. No mermaids, though.

Becky said...

Chantal actually sounds like a mermaid's name. I really like the mermaid theme. Lots of possibilities to play with there.

Hope to see you at Paleys later this week!

Becky said... *Pawleys*

Big Al said...

Wow! Great pots. Were these thrown or made another way? I adore the mermaid theme. Way fun and so many possibilities. How do you decorate them?
Thanks for the listing on your blog list!

Elaine Spallone said...

I coil/slab build these bowls, Al. All my work is handbuilt, vs the wheel.

Thanks for the great comments all.

I have some ideas about the glaze/surface treatment....we will see what happens. this one is not going in the pit, but instead the kiln. I have another one ready for the pit.

goodeda1122 said...