Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pawleys Island Part I of ??

this was the First Night at the house. Several bottles of wine later, 13 people all hanging out on the back screened in porch....friends, cousins, sisters, husbands and wives. It was a non-stop talking, chatting, getting to know evening. Sooo much fun!!!

This was named House of the Dying Sun, I think the background cricket group adds a nice touch.


Becky said...

The faces have been changed to protect the innocent. Oh wait! It's too dark on that porch to see anyway! Looking forward to "How's That Pie?"

( I think it was 9 bottles of wine. Not to mention the Cosmos and Sam Adams. )

Big Al said...

Now that is a party! Hope the weather there was great. Looking forward to pics and posts. Especially of the mermaids.