Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Barrel Firing Results

What a lucky day to arrive at the studio and find a cd with some images of the latest barrel fired pots!! And so fun to see the pots again. Tonight, I pinched some new bottle forms I am playing around with (that I learned from Amy)and just stared at the surfaces of the barrel fired pieces. Here are some shots. many thanks to Max McLeod for his love of photography, having fun with it, and sharing it with us-- This is about 12 or 13 inches high. I make the point, since most of my pots shaped like this fit into the palm of my hand. It was built with slabs coiled around, some pinching.

A close up view....(yes this pot did crack, all the way around too!!!)

This little set does fit in your hands. Some different surface marks....This guy is a pinch pot, if I had to guess without measureing... about 7 inches across, 6 inches high.


Big Al said...

Awesome colors! Great results. Sorry about the crack. That would have been an exceptional pot! Thanks for the pics.

Is the color just from the barrel firing or did you add something or wrap them in something special?

Elaine Spallone said...

Thanks Big Al! We add copper carb, red iron oxide, seaweed....and lots of heat!!

Becky said...

Ahhh...such lovely results! I'm hoping that our Halloween firing will be just as sweet...or better?

jbf said...

You are taming that inferno and bending it to your will. Wonderful pots with amazing colors and contrasts. Our BFFL (Barrel Firing Fearless Leader).