Friday, November 14, 2008

Did I mention I made my own crust?

When I turned 40 this year, yikes, still a bit of a shocker to see those numbers, I said the one thing I will do is make my own crust for my fabulous pie. (not that I am NOT ambitious! but there is beauty in keeping it simple, and in a good crust!)

Some feedback from friends, a little research on google, and I was set to make it. I am sure somewhere in my past I have made crust from scratch. But nothing that I carried with me to my adults days.

I learned the most important part: temperature is cold. I would even ice my hands a bit before mixing in the drops of water.

And it came out GREAT!! Mmmmm. Flaky, made with butter and actually quite easy.

So ta-DA!! I've accomplished my goal. (nothing like John's 100 pots though!! Maybe someday when I am older...ouch, sorry John.)


cookingwithgas said...

homemade will beat store bought anyday!
And you should always trust a cow- butter has to be better then chemicals.
Yum- I am impressed.

jbf said...

I personally think one good pie crust trumps 100 pots no matter what age.

Anytime one's age ends with a zero it tends to signal an 'Ouch' response of some sort. I think it is because of the similarity between the zero and the letter O.

I somehow keep missing these pies...

Big Al said...

NO FAIR! Talking about great pie crust and we can't taste it! 40 is great from where I sit. Just celebrated (?? why celebrate it?? look at the alternative!) 51 so you are still a KID!

50 was a real OUCH! That is the big Dr. visit for me.

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

You can't be 40, Elaine. I'd say no older than 30; what's your secret? I turn 64 tomorrow, so let me know! As for pie, I just made a great apple pie with the last of our apples. I saw some gorgeous pie-like creations in Hungary and I know I'm getting 2 Hungarian cookbooks tomorrow. I have my work cut out for me.
Go to Things With Wings on for some really cool visuals and 4th grade poems.