Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Pie time!

The Third annual Pie bakeoff arrived again. A bakeoff between Steve Fahey and me usually. but this year we had a new addition: 89 year old Nunzio!! he claims his is a five star pie. we all had our secret methods and look at the results:
Nunzio displaying his prized pie.

All three pies are proudly displayed:

I would have to give awards as follows: lower left (Nunzio) for most exotic--he had white raisins inside and coated his crust with egg white...look at it shine. lower right (Steve) for best looking and top (mine) for most apples.

Actually I have been on a 10 year quest to reach the apple limit, and I think I did it this past Saturday. Look at how high it is. Looking at it makes me crack up.

In fact, while it was cooking part of its side fell off!! A true sign. So I have reached Mount Pie-everest. And can begin the climb off the summit. Now I will search for the perfect combination of apples to topping mixture.

Of course the babies were there, I knew you were wondering. Would they miss out on their first ever pie bake off? They were climbing all over the place, even in the trees...

And Sue --well I do not know what she was doing with the babies, looks like they each had a bit too much. (her hubby Steve peeking behind her0 The pie was deee licious!!

Another important part of this Pie Day, was Serbian dinner day!! While not pictured, Zaqlina and Lee cooked up a storm of stuffed pickled cabbage, spinach cornbread and broccoli. yummy!! We were treated like royalty this day.


jbf said...

Sounds wonderful! That pie is crazy high.

Becky said...

And you treated us pottery pals like royalty when you shared all three winning pies with us on Sunday. Thank you!!!

A Pie Bakeoff sounds like an ideal way to spend a Saturday in autumn.

cookingwithgas said...

WOW! WOW! Sounds and looks delicious! WOW!

Ron said...

Love seeing the pies. Wish I could have tasted them too

Big Al said...

I've never ever seen a pie that stacked with apples! I've always wondered what the limit was and how you could really pack a pie with apples. Question answered!

Thanks for sharing! Hope they were all as good as they look.

Amy said...

And so us, at clayworks are the lucky ones to enjoy your pies time after time again. thanks!

Elaine Spallone said...

Awesome, thanks all!!

Linda Starr said...

What beautiful pies, makes me hungry just looking at them.