Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some photos

A few more shots of the barrel firing

The above was taken outside, sorry it looks so washed out. But here a few more of the bottles, but inside.

And here is a shot Becky took of the babies--her production and a great ending to this post.

Check out John, Amy and Becky's posts for more barrel firing shots.


Ron said...

Looks great. Those bottles are killer. I'll check out Becky and Amy too to see what they have up. Looks like a fun time.

Big Al said...

Awesome! I love to see barrel fired pots. You never know what the colors are going to do, at least I don't. Great shot of the babies. I guess you could say they stared into the face of Halloween!

ang said...

that is a great shot..maybe a movie poster, halloween- the babies return, da da daaaaaaaan

T.Gray said...

Great looking bottles merwoman. I would be very pleased with them if they were mine, and hope you are as well.

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Hi Elaine, it was wonderful to meet you yesterday at St. Peters and good to see you here on blogspot. I will add your blog to, and yes, your restaurant photo will be on my ncpoetlaureate blog as soon as I recover from a very busy 4 days.

Linda Starr said...

Those are some great pots and some great colors. I checked out John, Amy and Becky's blogs too. What a great time barrel firing looks to be.