Sunday, September 28, 2008

About fluffy and slumpy

Those are the names of the two pineapple cakes that were enjoyed at the studio this weekend.

In making the cakes, I wanted to do a test run on Thursday night. I have over 30 years of baking experience. I can remember standing next to my grandmother, very young, cracking eggs for her to make something, who knows what it was. But we were baking. And my mom (you have permission to read this!!! excuse the side joke everyone) continued to teach me. I am sure we all have those tips in our heads that come from our grownups that raised us. I can still hear my mom tell me how to measure out brown sugar and demonstrating for me.

So this background information is leading me to my cake story. As I was about to crack in the eggs for Ada Darlings cake, I thought, I really should crack those eggs in a separate bowl first. Especially because I have been getting fresh organic local eggs. But I did not heed that sound sure gentle advice in my head. So you all know where this is headed!! And I also want to point out, knowing that cracking in a another bowl is the proper technique...mostly the reasoning I heard was to ensure no eggshells were included in the mix...leaving you to dig them out. And I also want to point out that in all my years baking, I have never encountered a rotten egg!!

So, yes I cracked into the bowl with my sugar and other eggs, and boy was it rotten!!!! UGHHH. And that smell!! Well that really colored the rest of the baking that night. The smell never went away. Although I started over, and using the proper technique, things just weren't right. Plus I ran out of sugar, and had to use raw sugar, that was larger and not finely processed.

So the cake went into the oven, homemade from scratch. And I noticed it fall at the end!! I feel like suddenly it was 1932 or something. Rotten eggs, fallen cake. Where am I?
The next day, I bought sugar and a store bought yellow cake mix (sorry Ada!!) and made the cake again. I really wanted a fluffy version.

But at the studio, slumpy (above) was the more popular cake. Everyone just loved that brown sugar butter crusty edge. One stick of butter and a cup of brown sugar!! yea Ada!

More barrel fire photos this week. Forgot the camera today at the studio. And there is a dooozy beautiful one to follow.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A sneak peek barrel firing number 4

In prepping our pieces, Becky started getting a little carried away and tried to eat the Pawleys Island special: seaweed, (ok I made her do it!!) especially gathered for barrel firings!! Mmm mmm good way to begin the morning.With the piece prepped and ready to load....Of course, the babies were kicking about wanting to inside the kiln to see what the fuss was all about. so they took a sneak peek (peak!) before loading the kiln with fuel: newspaper, charcoal, and apple wood, special from Becky's apple tree limb that fell.Nice fire.....

A common site around the barrel many. Peeking in the holes to see what is happening inside....
Nice hot fire.....beautiful embers.
To keep everyone fortified, two upside down pineapple cake options, courtesy of Ada Darling via Tom Gray!! Yummy, more on the cakes in another posting.

A sneak peek at one of the pots and results from the firing today.....what is so nice are those music like ghostly looking notes floating neat is that!! More to was a wonderful firing!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is one of the items from my grandmother's home that I was given. A teapot, and I use it everyday to make a pot of uva ursi tea. I do not know if she got it while overseas during WWII or at some flea market. There is a stamp on the bottom that says Japan. I love using it, knowing it was in her home, and it makes the perfect amount of tea for me.

That Dole in the background is for the Ada Darlings upside down pineapple cake that I learned about from Tom Gray's blog and I am going to make it as recommended in my skillet, that was my brother's!! Hmmm all this nice history and energy from our past that I can still enjoy. the cake is a surprise for some people soon....

Monday, September 22, 2008

How adults become kids!

Get your popcorn because this a movie filled with intrigue, bound to captivate, and ending in a jacuzzi. Can't get better than that!!

Making Glaze Galore!!

Becky mixing. Looks like she may be drilling for oil!!
Then Kit comes along and gives us some help, although looks a bit weary with it all!
OH MY Goodness, what have we gotten ourselves into??
Pretty thick yet....Rick's Shino holding the babes!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pawleys Island Clayworks Beach Babes


(thought we were taking a photo, but got this video instead, hence the wild traveling at the end.)

Time in the studio finally

Tonight I was lucky to spend four hours in the studio...on a school night. Working on pieces for the next barrel fire on the 27th. More curvy, suggestive of female probably inspired by mermaids, forms. I started these ladies a couple years ago, and only until starting to barrel fire did I discover the right surface for them.

These pieces are from the last barrel fire.....really love their surface.

And I enjoyed a lovely meal of an organic egg over heirloom lettuces, and fresh from the farm sweet potato french fries! Love them with mayo mixed with lime, but tonight just ketchup and mayo....yummy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pawleys Island continues

And if you remember, back a couple days ago, I said while at the beach I would make my famous pie. And I did (while a bit hungover-from that singing Thursday night). And I think they like it--

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mermaid coming out of or going in the water?

I thought you all would like to see how I enter and leave the water, as a mermaid. Luckily at Pawleys Island I could demonstrate and document!

Pawleys Island Part I of ??

this was the First Night at the house. Several bottles of wine later, 13 people all hanging out on the back screened in porch....friends, cousins, sisters, husbands and wives. It was a non-stop talking, chatting, getting to know evening. Sooo much fun!!!

This was named House of the Dying Sun, I think the background cricket group adds a nice touch.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm off to the perfect place

The beach!!! And with my recent fascination with mermaids, what a better place. Only I do not want to sink in a ship to meet any!! I just hope they are lazing about on the beach so I can get a better glimpse! Whadya think?

I love the beach and will now attribute it to having some mermaid inside me. Can't wait to hear the steady roar of the waves, seagulls, smell the air and feel the breezes!

I will make my east coast famous apple pie (not quite world famous yet) What am I talking about?, check out this post. And then that pie after it is cooked becomes:

But this next pie will be for the beach lovers!!! Yum yum.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mermaid pot for pit firing


The latest edition to my mermaid collection. Earthenware lady. Goodness, when I see her here, she has quite a chest. It did not feel that way while creating her.

This is my first video on this camera, and I did not realize I could talk too! So there is just the background noise. I wanted to take a video of this piece since it changes so dramatically around it. This came together with a lot of darting and sculpting. Pit Firing is on Sept 27, so you will see the follow up then.

Sorry for the terrible lighting too!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mermaids and Spiders

Mermaids are on my mind yet again. And have taken a new role at the studio. Here they have made their way onto my recent vessels, capturing their souls. The vessel above is about 15inches high, not sure of width, haven't measured. But it is a new direction for me, as most everything prior- at least in this shape, could fit in my hand.

This guy is about 5inches high.

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you know I have a special relationship, seemingly, to spiders. For one, I don't kill them, unless mistakenly or absolutely necessary-- I am not sure when that is. Here are a couple outside patroling the house, being good sentries. I was quite happy to see this guy above, garden spider, or also known as a writing spider, or sewing spider to others. Each year there are several of these guys about- last year, one made a web in the space of my front door--what a surprise when I opened it on my way to work in the morning! So I hadn't seen any this year and was worried. But here they are.

And I do not know what kind of spider this green one is.....he came crawling out of the yarrow I cut down. I felt bad as I had destroyed her home, but I am sure she will find a new one.

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I've been tagged

Claydog was a wannabe flowerchild? Who knew. Spreading the love, she tagged me!

Here are the rules:
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Six random things about me:

1. I don't kill spiders.

2. My name in high school french class was Chantal.

3. I start out sleeping on my back.

4. In 5th grade I owned a jewelry piece that was a stick pin with John Travolta's photo in it.

5. My initials EMS - stand for a couple other things: Eastern Mountain Sports and Emergency Medical Service.

6. I am half Italian, and the other half of me is French, English and German.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Bette Midler’s 90-minute extravaganza, which opened on February 20, 2008, features an enchanting repertoire complete with some of her favorite characters like Delores Delago - the wheelchair-bound mermaid (from band blog)...

When I was out in Las Vegas recently (only two weeks ago), and shopping in the Cher store, there was a shirt with the universal wheelchair parking symbol on a shirt, with rhinestones, but a few mermaid additions. looks like this: (sorry for the bad rotation, just noticed)

Love this idea and shirt!