Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas cupcakes

If you are on Facebook, this is a duplicate entry. But tonight my mom arrived to celebrate the holidays. As my first gift was perishable, I enjoyed some tonight: cupcakes. I have been searching all year, more in the summer, and really gave up on it. And finding none that I liked in Charlotte, in fact I think there is only ONE cupcake shop?!! But this dozen arrived tonight, and they are yuummy. Mom and I split one. luckily they come frozen, and if you do not thaw them, they can stay frozen, so I kept half a dozen in the freezer for a little later. But those other 6, mmm mmm the next days are going to be sweet. so if you happen to be visiting me in the next few days or so, guess what you get to enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ho ho ho

The holidays are what I am about. I wish it were cold here and snowing. but no, it is 60ish, my my. I am bad blogger. Busy times.

I recently had some photos taken with Becky, we shared the photographer, so here is a photo to enjoy while I continue through these crazy holidays. Hope you are all enjoying the time.